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Current Illinois Legislation

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Number: IL [R] HB 4278
Sponsor: Rep. Stephanie Kifoowit (DEM)

Summary:  Ammends the Department of Veterann' Affairs Act.  Requires that if a Veterans Home has two or more diagnosies of infectious disease in one month or less they must provide written notification to each resident, post a notice in a conspicuous place and notifify the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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Number: IL [R] SB 3429
Sponsor: Sen. Daniel Biss (DEM)

Summary:  Creates the Administration of Antibiotics to Food-Producing Animals Act.  Provides that a medically important antibiotic may be administered to a food-producing animal only if prescribed by a licensed veterinarian who has visited the farm operation within the previous 6 months and only if deemed neesay for specified purposes.  Antibiotics shall not exceed a duration of 21 days.


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Number: IL [R] SR 1638
Sponsor: Sen John J. Cullerton (DEM)

Summary:  Declares October 2, 2018 as "MRSA Day" in the State of Illinois. Resolution added as a sympbol of respect and esteem to support the work of patient advocates and organizations such as the MRSA Survivors Network in educating, supporting, and providing hope for individuals and their families affected by community and healthcare-associated infections in conjunction with acknowledging the 10th anniversary of World MRSA Day (Oct 2) and the 10th anniversary of World MRSA Awareness Month in October. 


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